In Search of Big Waves

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Looking for a place to relocate to on the coast?

For most of us the criteria we use to choose the ultimate coastal place to live revolves around natural beauty, amenities, cost, etc. For some, however, the ideal coastal “place to be” moves according to where the best surf is happening. Check out these fascinating articles and videos (links below) that chronicle the wild world of big wave surfers. Deploying equal parts athletic prowess and “death wish” courage, this strange and amazing group of surfers lives for the adrenalin rush that can only come from dropping down the face of a mammoth (often 40′ and higher) waves. Crashes and injuries are an almost certainty – which is, I suppose, why we can’t resist watching. :)

The Wave
In Search of the 100′ Wave
by Susan Casey
Sports Illustrated

Laird Hamilton takes on Teahupo YouTube

Riding Giants – This is the Sea YouTube

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