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Coastal Building Tips

Building Your Beach House

By On August 28, 2015

The idea of building a house at the beach is, let’s admit it, very exciting! Once completed, your new residence gives you entry into all the beach life offers: long walks on… Read More

Coastal Home Plan - Lighthouse
Coastal Home Design

Fresh New Coastal Design

By On October 24, 2013

Sherbourne Light Suggestion for members of Congress: take a break, get away for awhile. Things seem to run better when you aren’t “working.” Maybe build yourself a little lighthouse on a remote… Read More

Coastal Home Design

The Inverted Floor Plan

By On September 15, 2009

Ruminations on Living at the Top At Coastal Home Plans we offer up a good many home designs that feature what we call an “inverted floor plan.” This type of plan positions… Read More

Coastal Home Design

Modern Beach House Plan

By On July 1, 2009

We’ve just added a spectacular new home plan that blends seaside living with Modern design aesthetic. This home, called “Siesta Beach”, features an L-shaped floor plan that wraps around a delightful pool… Read More

Coastal Home Design

Design Trends: Smaller House Plans Take Center Stage

By On May 4, 2009

Thinking about building a new home? If so, you’ve probably shaved a few square feet off the size of the home you originally thought you were going to build. As the economy… Read More

Coastal Home Design

Green Building Techniques Sprout Out of Classic Home Design

By On March 17, 2009

Green. These five letters represent one of the most popular buzz words of today’s world. Industries search high and low for new ways to help save resources and conserve energy, and millions… Read More

Coastal Home Design

Understanding Obscure Home Design and Construction Terms

By On November 7, 2008

Design or construction jargon getting you down? When searching for the perfect design for your new home, you may have discovered a few unfamiliar terms or styles. Anything from a coastal balustrade… Read More