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It will come as no surprise that there are myriad specialized building products to choose from for those building a new home on the coast. Many building supply manufacturers have developed sturdier versions of their standards product lines to more effectively deal with the combined effects from water, wind and sun. New building code requirements in many coastal areas have created the need for new, specialized products, such as hurricane straps and anchor bolts as well as innovative hurricane shutter products. We've compiled a number are articles that discuss a variety of these products. Looking for specific building supply manufacturers? Click here for a comprehensive list.

Andersen® Windows and Doors with Stormwatch™ Protection Provide Year-Round Peace of Mind for Coastal Homeowners
From Andersen Windows

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BAYPORT, Minn.(Jan. 11, 2006) — Architects and builders can select from a variety of impact-resistant, energy-efficient Andersen® products designed to meet building code requirements in many Gulf and Atlantic coast states. Andersen windows and doors with Stormwatch™ protection feature a broad selection of styles, shapes and sizes designed to resist the effects of high wind and windborne debris associated with hurricanes and other coastal storms.

“Architects and contractors can feel confident that Andersen’s impact-resistant products have been thoroughly tested to meet or exceed code requirements,” said J Glasnapp, vice president of Marketing at Andersen. “Unlike shutters or other temporary severe weather protection measures, Andersen impact-resistant windows and doors help provide continuous protection from high wind events – 24 hours a day, seven days a week while they beautify homes and commercial buildings.”

In fact, the uglier the weather, the more beautiful Andersen windows and doors with Stormwatch protection become.

“Just prior to the hurricane season, I replaced my four patio doors and living room bay window with Andersen products that included Stormwatch protection,” said John Brown, a West Palm Beach, Fla. resident, following the catastrophic storms of the 2004 hurricane season. “When the first hurricane winds came in with gusts over 100 miles an hour, trees started snapping and I was concerned. But after feeling the strength my new windows and doors exhibited, I just sat back and watched the storm rage. The other great feature: Sound control. The next day, my neighbors complained that the howling wind kept them up all night. We hardly noticed it. These Andersen windows and doors are probably the best investment I ever made.”

The wide variety of Andersen products with Stormwatch protection combines Andersen’s high standards of product quality and design with advanced glass, sash and jamb technologies to satisfy wind-borne debris, product performance and energy requirements in New York, Florida, Texas and other coastal states. Features and options include:

- High-Performance™ impact resistant glass or monolithic impact resistant glass for protection from wind-borne debris

- Performance ratings that meet or exceed most local code requirements (consult your local building code official for specific requirements in your area)

- Andersen Perma-Shield® exterior cladding system to resist the effects of salt water and sea air without chipping, peeling or corroding

- Optional corrosion-resistant hardware to help keep windows and doors looking and operating like new

- Sash, lock, and hinge reinforcements for added strength and security

Andersen® products with Stormwatch™ protection are available through Andersen dealers and include double-hung, casement, awning, skylight and specialty windows; Frenchwood® hinged, outswing and gliding patio doors, and patio door sidelights and transoms also are included.

The Andersen® Design Pressure Estimator and Coastal Product Finder, proprietary Web-based software, are designed to help architects and builders find the right fenestration products for coastal applications. These convenient online tools take user-supplied information to estimate design pressure requirements, recommend the Andersen products that meet those estimated requirements, and provide certified documentation and test reports that aid in the process of gaining building permits.

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