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Do You Offer Modifications?

Yes, many of the 65 designers and architects we work with do offer modification services.  Call us at 843-886-5500 and we can advise you as to whether or not the designer/architect of the plan you have chosen offers modification services.
If the designer/architect does offer modifications getting a quote is easy. Just e-mail your desired changes directly to us at and the designer/architect will put together pricing. Fees are based on their hourly rate which ranges from $65 to $125/hour.
If you prefer to work with your local design professional to have your modification done, you are certainly welcome to purchase the plan and complete your changes locally.
Lastly, some changes are easy for your builder to handle on site. These include:
  1. Adding or eliminating a fireplace
  2. Changing window openings to doors and vice versa.
  3. Changing from 8′ to 9′ walls is easy for most builders… they just make the change on the fly.
  4. Modest revisions to roof pitches (usually done to meet a height restriction).  The truss supplier can easily make this change.
  5. Additional on site changes that are easy: window sizes, door swings, cabinet layouts, siding, shutters, handrails, soffit overhangs, converting tubs to showers.
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