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Maximize Your Outdoor Space for your Elevated Beach House

By Reilly Evans | December 14, 2022 | Building on the Coast, Coastal Building Products, Home Design

Make Use of That Great Space Underneath Your Deck

You’ve bought your dream house by the coast, with a beautiful deck and gorgeous water views. In addition, the deck has a decent amount of space underneath it. Of course, this under-deck area is ideal for storage, but what about utilizing that space to create your perfect outdoor oasis

Here are some attractive ideas and intelligent uses for the space under your deck. First, start by installing an under-deck drainage system that will divert the water away from your deck, allowing you to create a dry space below. Next, design the dry, useable space beneath your deck as an extension of your indoor space but outdoors. Next, customize the space with lights, ceiling fans, TVs, and more creating the perfect outdoor spot.

So, let’s take a look at some creative options to morph this space into something you and your family can enjoy. By the way, most of these ideas can be combined or configured to benefit all the varied interests of family members. Who doesn’t love that?

Not all of us have pools, but if you do, you know it can get pretty hot with the sun bearing down on you all day. So, a chillin’ escape is needed. Use the under-deck area for some chairs, a table, and a cooler. In fact, this provides a well-deserved respite from the sun’s rays. But, of course, you can still enjoy all that being poolside has to offer. Just do it “cooler” and turn on some tunes!

Relaxation and Zen Space 

While we’re talking about shade and sun, let’s talk about relaxation. What’s more relaxing than enjoying the outdoors while still being surrounded by creature comforts? So make that under-deck space your private oasis. With a deck drainage system, installing a ceiling fan, a speaker system, and even a TV is easy. Just make sure you have a TV equipped for being outdoors. Listen to music, watch the game, or have a family game night while outside and enjoying nature. This space also can double as a tranquil meditation space.

Play area for kids 

While we all watch out for sunburn, we care most about our kids not getting sunburnt. It is not healthy, and it can permanently damage your skin. Besides liberally applying sunblock, staying out of the sun is truly the best way to protect yourself. Use that area under the deck to make a playroom. There’s certainly lots of storage space. Both kids and adults will benefit from this. Add a swing or a hammock. Who says adults can’t play?

Trex - Underdeck

Extra Entertaining Entity

Okay, most of the time, when we entertain, we do it either inside or out. An outdoor living area is a perfect combination of both, with the fresh air meeting the ease of comfy furniture and a big screen! Add a wine cooler or beer fridge, and it’s game on! Or perhaps watching mystery shows, food programs, or HGTV is more to your taste. Whatever you decide, this outdoor area makes an awesome space for quiet conversations and deep musings.

Fire pit retreat 

Another idea for your under-deck space is to add a fire pit. Of course, you can safely build one with the right specs and materials. Additionally, even something like a chiminea is a toasty addition for cooler nights. When installing a chiminea or fire pit, ensure it is far away from any structures that could ignite. Now we’re thinking about S’mores.

Jacuzzi joy

One of our favorite ideas is incorporating a hot tub under the deck. The under-deck space is an opportune spot for installing a hot tub since it’s a shaded and protected area. It also lends itself to privacy. In addition, you can add speakers for music. Don’t want to install a hot tub? How about a bubbling garden fountain? Water structures have the power to transform your space beautifully.

Dining out 

We mean dining outside, underneath the stars, and under the shelter of your deck. Use this space to create a canopy effect over a picnic table. Setting up a small food prep counter next to a fridge is possible. Add cabinets, so you don’t have to trek to the kitchen. An outdoor kitchen allows for easy preparation for outdoor dining. Finally, hang some string lights to brighten up the space.

Finally, a storage space 

We all know that you can use the space under the deck for storage, and the elevated decks make it much more manageable. You can use the area to hang large items such as bicycles, kayaks, and canoes. If the space is large enough, you can store your mower, leaf blower, and other lawn equipment. 

No matter your choice, you can make the most of your outdoor time by wisely using the space below your deck. 

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