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Three Options for Modifications

Option 1 – Work with the Original Designer/Architect
In many instances, the original designer of the plans on our website does offer modifications services. E-mail us your list of changes to questions@

Option 2 – Work with Your Local Design Professional
You also have the option of working with your local design professional to make your changes. In fact, about 75% of our customers choose to work with a local designer or architect. Working with your local designer has several benefits. They can take care of two tasks at once – reviewing and modifying your plan for compliance with your local building codes (the original designer, in all likelihood, will not have a working knowledge of your local building codes). At the same time, they can perform any modifications to the design that you may desire.

Option 3 – Minor Changes “On Site”
Many minor modifications can be made during the construction of your home without having to include them in your plans. These type of modifications, often referred to as “red line” changes, will be limited and should be discussed with your builder and your building department before they are made.

Modification work performed by the original designer or your local design professional will still need to be reviewed by your a licensed structural engineer, if required by your building department, prior to submitting for building permits.

Please note that changes made to any home plan are considered “derivative works” of the plan. The original designer maintains copyrights to all derivative works. Only the original designer is entitled to copyright the derivative works. Any attempt by others to claim copyright in derivative works would be a violation of federal copyright law.

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