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Biophilic Design

By Reilly Evans | January 29, 2024 | Building on the Coast, Home Design, Uncategorized

So what is biophilic design and why is it pertinent to designing and building a home? Biophilic design is the practice of connecting people and nature within our built environments and communities (International Living Future Institute). Over time humans have become increasingly disconnected from nature. We live in a modern world with daily stresses. Biophilic design focuses on creating an environment where we can become more connected with nature in our daily lives at home and improve our overall quality of life. 

We as humans respond to our environment in subconscious ways everyday. If we walk into a store that has chaotic displays, obnoxious music and no rhyme or reason, we’re probably going to walk right out or not spend much time there. If we walk into a store that is organized, aesthetically pleasing, and has nice calming music and lavender roaming the air when you walk in, we’re more likely to browse and stay for a while because an inviting environment has been created. 

The way we design and set up our homes works the same way. If we create a chaotic design that doesn’t flow with nature and its connectivity, it can have an effect on our daily lives. It can affect our productivity, happiness, health and more. The way we can create this ideal environment can be simple. Here’s 4 ways you can incorporate biophilic design into your home. 

  1. Window, windows, windows

When you wake up in the morning looking out your window and seeing trees, the ocean, mountains, or even your favorite apple tree you planted can change the course of your day. Looking at nature physically reduces your blood pressure. Add windows to be closer to nature.

  1. Orientation of your house 

Make sure your home is facing the “views” on your property, whether that’s an open field, trees, water, mountains, etc. You also want to orient your house in accordance with the sun. You want optimal natural light in your home. This can help with your overall well being.

  1. Floor plan

Make sure your floor plan is open, welcoming and calm, and again is facing nature. If you aren’t surrounded by nature, you can create it (see next point).

  1. Features

You can incorporate things like a water feature, firepit, plants, all things that create a calming feeling to our senses including smell, touch, sight and sound.

  1. Furniture design and configuration

Think of feng-shui. The way you design a space can give you feelings of comfort or feelings of anxiety, like my example of a retail space earlier. 

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