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  • Client Photos On Our Sister Site!

    Our sister site, Mountain House Plans, has received photos of a newly built home! Our clients, Joanne and Tom Johnson have built their beautiful new home, American Dipper, on the southern shores of Lake Ontario in Oswego, NY. This craftsman cottage has a nice open floor plan with vaulted ceilings, making this modest 1,400 square […]

  • The Inverted House Plan

    Ruminations on Living at the Top Here at Coastal Home Plans we offer up a good many home designs that feature what we call an “inverted floor plan.” Also called “Reverse Story” or “Upside Down” house plans, This type of plan positions the living areas on the highest floor while allocating space for the sleeping […]

  • Anchor Watch – Exterior Video

    Check out this new 3-D video animation showing the exterior of the Anchor Watch beach house plan.

  • About Blueprints, Reprodicible Masters and AutoCAD Files

    Coastal Home Plans offers house plans from 65+ different architects and designers each offering a variety of purchase options for their plans. To learn more about the options and to help you decide the best format for your project read more below. One of the biggest factors will revolve around the number and complexity of […]

  • Coastal Design Elements #2: The Metal Roof

    by Brett Hanson While searching for an appealing coastal home design that fits both your needs and taste you will undoubtedly discover that some design features instantly add a truly coastal feel to almost any design. The second installment in our continuing series about Coastal Design Elements explores the historical origin and modern implementation of […]

  • Santa Rosa Sound

    Building a beach house is really all about, well, the beach. We thought you might enjoy a few new photos from this completed project of the Santa Rosa Sound design built right on the beach. The designer focused on creating a design that embraced the beautiful gulf views of the property. Mission accomplished! He also […]

  • Coastal Design Element #3: Bermuda & Bahama Shutters

    “Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama…” For many, this famous Beach Boys’ tune creates illusions of tropical seascapes, bronzed beauties, and cute little fruity drinks with mini umbrellas. For us, some of the best coastal home design elements come to mind. Named after the tropical hotspots of their origin, Bermuda and Bahama are also types […]

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