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  • The Best Beach Chair – Reilly’s Pick

    I have lived on the beach for over 2o years and have gone through dozens of beach chair brands, finding most of them in pieces after a couple of years or less. After having much difficulty finding a solid chair that stands the test of salt and sun, I can report with some amount of […]

  • Living on Tybee Island

    Just outside of the historic bustling city of Savannah, Georgia is a quaint easy going beach town called Tybee Island. It’s a mixture of long-time locals, retirees, and vacationers all there for the same reason. The beautiful beaches, the fresh seafood, and the overall experience of this funky yet charming town. The island is a […]

  • A Place at the Beach, the Mountains, or Both?

    When it comes to building your dream home a lot of people make the decision between a place in the mountains or a place on the beach, or in some cases both. For 23 years, Coastal Home Plans has specialized in the area of secondary beach homes. It was a natural decision for us to […]

  • Beach Walk with Rosie

    Enjoying the simple pleasures of living on the coast   The thought of walking with your girl on the beach should be enough to entice inlanders to bust a move to the coast. Think about it: a beautiful winter night, cloudy and cool with a mist settled over the beach. The lights glow softly over the […]

  • Singin’ in the Rain!

    There’s nothing like a good storm at the beach. Rain, of all things, can actually blanket a seaside afternoon in bliss. Living on the Charleston, SC coast, we experience an average of 209 sunny days a year, and that’s not counting the total number of days it doesn’t rain. Day after day can be spent […]

    August 9, 2017 Lifestyle
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  • Saying Yes to the Coastal Life

    Thinking about moving to a coastal town? There may be more benefits than you think. Now that you’ve made your dream of owning a property on the coast a reality (or are soon to be a proud owner of a coastal lot), you’ve probably figured out that building a home on or near the ocean, […]

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