Saying Yes to the Coastal Life

Saying Yes to the Coastal Life

By Jeff Evans | August 9, 2017 | Coastal Places, Lifestyle

Thinking about moving to a coastal town? There may be more benefits than you think.

Now that you’ve made your dream of owning a property on the coast a reality (or are soon to be a proud owner of a coastal lot), you’ve probably figured out that building a home on or near the ocean, harbor, marsh, lake or river is a little more complicated than in landlocked locales. Not to worry. While you (or your builder) will have to navigate some building codes that you may be unfamiliar with, the good news is you’ll be traveling down a path that many have traveled down before. So, while it may cost a tad more per square foot, and it may take several months longer to complete, you’ll find that your coastal building project isn’t that scary after all. In the Coastal Building Info section, you’ll find many useful resources for helping you plan and organize your coastal homebuilding project.

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