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The Best Beach Chair – Reilly’s Pick

By Jeff Evans | June 13, 2022 | Lifestyle, Stuff for Coastal Living

I have lived on the beach for over 2o years and have gone through dozens of beach chair brands, finding most of them in pieces after a couple of years or less. After having much difficulty finding a solid chair that stands the test of salt and sun, I can report with some amount of authority what I believe to be the most durable, comfortable, functional, and most importantly stylish beach chair! The Tommy Bahama beach chair. I’ve now had mine for about 5 years and they look and feel as if I bought them yesterday. They are made from aluminum which doesn’t rust and very durable fabric that has held up to the salt and sun. This chair adjusts to 5 positions, and lays flat, which if you’re like me and like to catch some rays is a nice plus. There are two pockets on the back, one for storage, and the other has a cooler liner in it that holds up to 6 drinks (Makes for the perfect happy hour with a friend)! There’s a folding towel bar on the back of the chair and a cup and phone holder on the armchair. To top it off, this beach chair has padded backpack straps for hands-free hauling. The only kicker about this chair (and this is only for people who don’t read directions like me) is how to close it. The first time I tried this chair out I absolutely loved it, but could not for the life of me figure out how to close it, so we all hilariously and awkwardly enough walked back up the beach path with 5 open chairs, feeling silly that we let a beach chair outsmart us. Anyways, all you have to do is flip the chair upside down and push the two bars under the chair inward, not your typical “fold up” beach chair. But funny stories aside, this beach chair is hands down the best beach chair I’ve ever owned, and I will continue to enjoy it and recommend it to everyone I know! And even better, Costco sells them for nearly half the retail price, but the availability is seasonal, so if you see the grab em’! Check out the link here.

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